About the Childbirth Education Association (NSW) Ltd (CEA)


CEA is Sydney’s most established provider of pre natal classes.
We have been preparing couple’s for childbirth since 1961
CEA is affiliated with national and international childbirth education groups.


CEA is administered by a board of highly motivated parents and health professionals who give voluntarily of their time to promote the interests of parents and young children.CEA is a non-profit organisation supported by the NSW Health Department

Mission Statement

We provide childbirth and parenting courses and promote the interests of families during the reproductive years. In all activities we have a commitment to excellence.


Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are viewed as part of the normal life process
Regardless of the outcome, birth is more likely to be a positive experience if the parents are well prepared.
Parents have a right to be well informed and participate fully in decision making.
Childbirth Courses are most effective when the partner or primary support person is involved.
Childbirth courses are most effective when conducted in small groups.