Top 5 Benefits Of Compounding Pharmacy

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  • February 28, 2018
  • Compounding Pharmacy | Fresh Therapeutics Pharmacy

    Although compounding pharmacy has remained in the limelight for quite a long time, its availability and popularity have continued to grow since people are beginning to get more knowledge about the capabilities and benefits of pharmaceutical compounding. In simple terms, a compounding pharmacy is mostly a combination of science and art, both of which blend to create custom and individualized medications for patients.

    In pharmaceutical compounding, a well-trained pharmaceutical specialist is able to look through a doctor’s prescription and mix all individual ingredients together to create the medication that was tailored to the specific patient. With this technique, a pharmacist works closely with the patient and physician to ensure that the patient’s specific medical needs are realized.

    This obviously sounds great and could be a good medication option for most patients, but you are obviously wondering about the specifics. Listed in this article are five benefits of pharmaceutical compounding, outlined in no specific order.


    1. Pharmaceutical compounding eases the use and administration of medications

    If you have once been required to take many medications at the same time, you can attest to the fact that such drugs could have an unpleasant taste and even difficult to take. This often results in people not taking their medications as prescribed, particularly in the case of patients who are notoriously reluctant about taking certain drugs, including pets, elderly patients, and children.

    Luckily, compounding pharmacists can custom create any prescribed medications in a flavor or flavors that you fancy, thus making medicines more palatable and very easy to take for all patient groups.


    1. Pharmaceutical Compounding Lets Patients Access Medications That Are Discontinued Or Difficult To Find

    One of the most frustrating things patients have to deal with every single day is the experience of discovering that medications you take regularly or need urgently have been discontinued or can no longer be found in pharmacies. Discontinuation of the medication does not imply that you no longer need the medication or you should not enjoy the health benefits provided by the medication.

    A compounding pharmacy is obviously an essential ally in granting access to all discontinued or hard-to-find medicines because they can carefully reproduce or replicate these medications to ensure you get to enjoy all the benefits of your prescription as well as get the essential care you need.

    1. Pharmacy Compounding Creates Room for Alternative Forms Of Medication Dosage

    Besides the addition of flavor to give medications a better taste, compounding pharmacists are also capable of creating medicines in a form that you prefer most.

    Occasionally, there are patients who will prefer having medications in a specific way while others will prefer a different kind. For example, some patients – particularly kids – tend to have a preference for medicines that are in the form of a chewable tablet or a liquid suspension.

    By working in conjunction with compounding pharmacies, it is possible to have all prescriptions filled in different forms. And are you aware that there are instances when such medications would be formulated in topical forms? With topical medicines, your prescribed medication is usually blended into a gel or cream that is applied to the skin from where it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Better yet, compounding pharmacies are capable of tailoring all your medications to the actual strength and dosage that you require.


    1. Compounding Pharmaceuticals Guarantee Allergy-Free Medications

    Most traditional medications contain numerous ingredients which have been known to bring about allergic reactions and sensitivity, like alcohol, gluten, dyes, flavoring, lactose, and a lot more. Moreover, some of the widely available commercial medications could possess other components like specific preservatives which might not be friendly to all patients.

    With pharmacy compounding, it is possible to create prescriptions that have not been filled with allergic ingredients thus making medications easily tolerable and safer for patients who are allergic to certain medical compounds.


    1. Compounding Pharmacies Offer Services Not Offered By Large Chain Pharmacies

    The main aim of pharmacy compounding is to establish a close relationship with patients so that a pharmacist can familiarize with all the patient’s medical needs. What kind of symptoms are they experiencing?

    What types of medications have their physician prescribed? Have there been any adverse or allergic reactions to any of the medicines being administered? Could there be a different flavor or form that you would fancy for your prescribed medication?