What to know about Freckle Removal Treatment

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  • September 7, 2017
  • Remove your Freckles | Xara Skin Clinic

    Freckle Removal

    What are Freckles?

    Freckles are small patches of colour on the skin that can be brown, tan, red, black, or even yellow. They often become more pronounced with exposure to the sun, and in some cases could be genetic. They can occur anywhere on the body but are most commonly seen on the face and arms. They are not a health threat to anyone and are very common. They are seen more in the summer than in the winter, and often are seen on those with light complexions, blonde hair and red hair, but can be ultimately seen on anyone.

    Remove Your Freckles | Xara Skin Clinic

    Freckle Removal Treatment

    Many are not happy with how freckles will make them look. They may become self-conscious if they have large patches of them covering the skin. There are ways to remove freckles from the skin. One such method is Laser/IPL, which is the single most effective way to remove freckles. IPL stands for intense pulse light.

    This treatment is suitable for those that are wanting to remove freckles or reduce excessive freckling of the skin, want an even skin tone or would like to target a specific age spot. This is a quick procedure that is very easy for a skin specialist to perform. Often times it will take between 30 to 90 minutes to perform, based on where the treatment is being done at.

    Many times a single freckle removal treatment will be needed to remove the freckles, however, it is not uncommon to have a few more sessions after the initial one for the best possible results. If multiple freckle removal treatments are used, three to six weeks will be needed for each treatment.

    The intense pulse light will target the areas of the skin that have excess pigment, breaking down the excess melanin. Eye pads or glasses will be used to protect the eyes, and a cooling gel can be placed on the skin.

    Short bursts of light that have been filtered will be absorbed by the high concentration of melanin that is found in the freckles. The melanin will then be heated by this process, which in turn will eradicate the melanin rich cells.

    After the freckle removal treatment, the cooling gel will be wiped off, and a moisturiser with sunscreen will be applied. Anywhere between a few days and up until 2 weeks after treatment, the freckles will darken, but then will fade away as the excessive melanin is shed. This treatment is not recommended for persons with very dark or tanned skin complexions, nor for those that are pregnant.


    How does IPL work for Freckle Removal

    Upon receiving IPL, there will be a light tingling sensation that feels warm. It can be an uncomfortable process, with the skin being red after the procedure is finished. Some skin specialists will use topical anesthetics.

    However, not everyone that has this treatment done finds pain associated with it

    There could be mild swelling after the treatment, which should subside within a few hours to a few days.  Small blisters could form, but this is very rare.


    Benefits to using IPL for Freckle Removal

    There are many benefits to having IPL done on the skin. First off, it is non-invasive. This means there will be no surgery involved, and patients can often return to their normal daily activities as soon as the procedure is done.

    Secondly, it is quick on the skin. Often times, after one treatment, skin tone will be noticeably more even.


    Freckle Removal Cost

    A single full face treatment will run between $400 to $600, while a neck, face and chest treatment is between $900 to $2000. This will all depend on who is doing the freckle removal treatment, it also depends on the area of treatment. Only allow a certified skin specialist or doctor to perform the freckle removal treatment on your skin.

    They should have experience with laser treatments and be willing to answer any question that you may have about the procedure. To speak to one of our skin specialist about the freckle removal treatment you can call us on 1300 or request a callback.

    Source: Courtesy of www.advanced-dermatology.com.au