Why do you need to get your Water Tested?

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  • October 10, 2017
  • Water Testing | Envirolab Services

    The Importance of Clean Water and Reasons to Get Drinking Water Tested

    Water is one of our most important resources in our natural environment. Much of our water supplies are sourced from lakes and rivers. Some private water users may also rely on water collected in dams, bores and rainwater tanks.


    For most of us living in urbanised areas, water is treated to remove chemicals, particulates and bacteria before it is delivered to our homes. This clean, potable water is then used for everyday activities that may include drinking, cooking, cleaning and watering plants.


    However, due to the possibility of extreme weather conditions, as well as other possible factors, we may need extra certainty about its quality and whether it is safe to drink. For instance, if you live near mines, water in your area might be affected by dust.

    Water Test | Envirolab Services

    In agricultural areas, intensive farming practices may result in higher concentrations of nutrients in water sources, which may also affect ecosystems; high levels of nutrients may stimulate algae and other aquatic plants to grow well beyond the amount needed to support the biological community.


    For this reason, testing by an accredited laboratory like Envirolab is required to confirm the quality of the water, and the treatment required, as based on the intended use.


    Why Use Envirolab for Testing Drinking Water

    • We are fully NATA Accredited for potable, process, groundwater, surface water and wastewater.
    • We are Australian based and know your soil better than any other commercial testing
    • We are strict on following Australian health and safety standards.
    • We provide an inexpensive yet high quality, scientific and technically advanced service.
    • We are fast and typically process your samples within five working days.
    • Our team of experts are friendly, professional and dedicated to helping you.
    • Protect yourself from harmful pollutants and improve your health.
    • We ensure you receive a personalised service that caters to your requirements.
    • We provide you with a report detailing information on the results of your water sample.

    Envirolab Services provides water testing results for:

    As a leader in the scientific testing of environmental contamination, Envirolab is accredited and qualified to perform laboratory testing on the quality of drinking water.


    Our scientific testing services include and are not limited to:

    • Bottle water
    • Chelex Bioavailable metals
    • Cooling water
    • Drinking Water
    • Effluent
    • Boreholes, wells and rainwater tanks
    • Estuarine and Marine or ‘sea’ water
    • Freshwater
    • Groundwater
    • Irrigation
    • Legionella
    • Landfill leachates
    • Saline water
    • Surface water
    • Waste water
    • Stormwater, drain and sewage water
    • Swimming pool and spas


    Collecting a Water Sample for Testing

    Sampling for testing typically involves:

    1. Taking the sample in a bottle leaving no air gap
    2. Chilling the sample to less than 6°C (ice bricks are preferred to ice)
    3. Ensuring the sample arrives at the laboratory within 24 hours of collection
    4. Labelling the bottle/s with a sample ID and sample date (ensure multiple bottles from the same sample point have the same sample ID to avoid confusion)


    Please contact your local Envirolab laboratory via phone 1300 424 344, email or visit our Online Ordering page to order your required bottles, eskies and ice bricks for sampling.




    Why should I test my water?

    There are countless major reasons why you should test your water. Human wellbeing, the health of the stock, the level of nutrition in plants and crops are just a small list of things that can be dangerously affected by poor quality water.

    That’s why at EnviroLab Group we provide expert-led water testing and analysis services to safeguard your water from all kinds of contamination and harmful levels of acidity and alkaline.  Call us today to request one of our specialised services: Australia no: 1300 424 344; International no:+61 2 9910 6200.


    Is my rainwater safe to drink?

    Many people drink from their rainwater tanks but it needs to be well maintained and monitored in order for it to become safe to drink. This is because a number of factors can affect the quality of the rainwater including faecal contamination by birds and other small mammals, airborne pollutants from exhaust emissions, chemicals from agricultural sprays, even metals from piping can be found dissolved in the water.

    At EnviroLab we take the uncertainty out of whether your water is suitable for consumption. Contact our friendly and expert team today to request one of our specialised services: Australia no: 1300 424 344; International no:+61 2 9910 6200.


    Can I drink my bore water?

    Yes, it is possible for you to drink your bore water. At EnviroLab Group, we test your water to ensure it is safe for consumption. We recommend testing your bore water regularly and periodically as it is prone to change over time.


    How will I receive my results?

    You will receive a single email containing a PDF report, PDF invoice, PDF COC and an Excel spreadsheet plus online reports (ESDAT, EQuIS and Monitor Pro 5 formats) if requested. You can request an SMS notification when the results have been emailed.