The Right Concrete Cutters Can Help the Easy Creation of Required Openings in Concrete

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  • September 14, 2018
  • Concrete Drilling | Vic Sawing

    The process of cutting concrete requires sawing or drilling it with the use of special saws or drills, that use cutting edges that are impregnated with diamonds. In earlier days all such concrete cutting was done by the use of chisels and hammers that involved tremendous physical effort, or with the use of pneumatically operated jackhammers that created one hell of a racket.

    In these older methods, besides the noise and the effort, the concrete cut had irregular shapes, which had to be hand tooled or finished again if you were looking to create a particular size of an opening in the concrete walls or slabs that were being cut. They also created a lot of dust and mess. Modern-day concrete cutters use different devices for cutting walls, removing cores from concrete and for flat slab sawing.

    In wall sawing, openings can be cut for doors and windows

    Wall sawing can also be for other regular-sized openings for specific purposes, with machines available to cut walls up to 12″ thick. These sawing devices run on a track that is mounted on the wall that needs to be cut. The diamond blades in these devices for sawing walls can be as large as 30 inches in diameter, and allow a 12″ wall to be cut, while working from one side only.

    A great advantage in modern-day cutting devices that use rotating blades, is that you can cut to exact sizes

    You can leave clean openings that do not have to be finished again. The operators of these machines need to be highly skilled. It is customary to use water along with the cutting devices, as this helps to cool the blade, give it longer life, and also greatly reduce the nuisance of dust. You would, however, require to make arrangements for the supply of water and its drainage.

    Another form of concrete cutters are core drillers

    They have their cutting edges at right angles to the plane of rotation and are of a size that is of the core that is to be extracted. These core drillers are useful for cutting precise circular holes that can remove a core of concrete to create an opening to run utilities, like electricity, water, drainage, or even to provide space for ducts. These cores are also often used to test the strength of concrete for completed structures.

    Slab sawing is used to cut openings in horizontal slabs

    Slab Sawing

    They are largely carried out with machines that have a circular saw mounted on machines that move on the slab and can be manually guided by the operator to cut the concrete in the desired configuration. All forms of concrete cutters can also be safely used for dismantling of concrete structures that can then be broken up into pieces of a regular shape, that can then very easily be carried away to dump sites.

    Concrete cutters of various configurations and for different uses can easily be hired out even by homeowners for any home modification work that they need to be carried out. Concrete cutting companies can also carry out this work at fixed rates, depending on the volume or area of concrete that needs to be cut. Make sure that any company that you give the work to, is well equipped with the right type of cutters, and has a license to carry out such work. It goes without saying that you also need to ensure that the company is experienced and has a credibility that will give their work the needed legitimacy. They also need to be well equipped with safety gear and must be also able to ensure safety during their work. On your part, you may need to provide the required water supply, power, and drainage.

    Most concrete cutting tools run on power and can cut any hard substance

    They would also be useful when you need to cut tiles, brick, asphalt. The blades that are used will either be made of titanium or have embedments made of diamond. It is important to see that the cutting blades are raised well clear of the surface to be cut before the machine is started, and the same precaution is also important when you switch off the machine. This can restrict any damage to the blades, and also ensure the protection of the operator who is guiding or operating the machine.